Become a Commissioner

The League is in need of volunteers to take on some of the tasks on the Commission. In addition to the individual areas of responsibility all commissioners participate in league decisions and help guide the direction of the league. The following is a list of some of tasks that are performed by the commissioners:

  • Commissioner – Oversee the day to day operation of the league. Prepare meeting agendas, lead commission and league meetings. Must serve one year on the commission before you are eligible to be League Commissioner. 
  • Communications – Responsible for recruiting new member churches into the league.
  • Fellowship League Commissioner – Responsible for overseeing the operation of the Fellowship league. Addressing concerns specific to the Fellowship League. (Open)
  • Scheduling – Schedules all games for the regular season and play-offs. With experience you can make up the regular season schedule in about six hours.
  • Scoring – Monitor the scores as they are reported and review all forfeit entries. Reverse forfeit entries that do not meet the league guidelines.
  • Purchasing – Buy softballs, carpeting for mats, bases, trophies, etc.
  • Events – Plan and oversee the All-Day Tournament and other events as necessary such as the All-Star game.
  • Clergy – Interface with the clergy from member churches. Give spiritual guidance to the commission. Help the league maintain our Christian focus. (Open)
  • Treasurer – Manage the league’s finances, books and checking account.
  • Dispute Committee – Made up of three commissioners who review and rule on all league protests. Headed by the Clergy Commissioner.
  • Webmaster – Maintain the league website and URL registration.  Must have a working knowledge of the Word Press application as well as programming aptitude in Perl CGI or equivalent programming languages such as .Net or Java.