A Word from Pastor Neill

If you look around our church pews on any given Sunday, in more cases than not, you will find that females outnumber males and elderly worshipers outnumber younger members. It has been my experience that younger males become involved in a church if they find a small group they can relate too. Christian softball fits this bill perfectly.

The easiest way to explain this gateway to a meaningful walk with Christ came at my third church. I decided to join the church softball team. The coach was a gruff guy who we will call Scott in his forties who seldom darkened the inside of the sanctuary. Over time I noticed that Scott was attending a greater number of services. In three years Scott and his whole family were regularly attending worship. I finally got up enough courage to ask him why the change in attitude about worship. He looked at me and said “you come to every practice, I come to every service”. Christianity is now integrated into his life and the life of his family.

Christian softball offers an opportunity to live your faith, have meaningful relationships with other guys and stay in shape. For us old guys, it’s a chance to put on the glove one more time and relive past glories. If you want to grow your church Christian softball is a small group ministry you shouldn’t overlook.

God Bless,
Pastor Neill