Competitive Playoff Schedule: Stanhope Presbyterian Wins the 2018 Championship

Round 1: Week of July 9-13 (All teams, single elimination, dependent on home field availability date but planing on playing Monday or Tuesday). Team Ranking/ Game breakdown: 1-8, 2-7, 4-5, 3-6

Bethlehem vs Stanhope at Arbolino = Stanhope advances
Long Valley vs MO at Flanders = LV advances
MO Plains vs MSM at Gramby = MSM advances
Christ vs Grace at Berkshire Valley = Grace advances

Grace vs Stanhope at Arbolino 6:45pm = Stanhope advances
LV vs MSM at Gramby 6:45pm = MSM advances

Final Round(Best 2 out of 3):
Th July 19 MSM vs Stanhope GAME 1 6:45 Byram Twp Middle School (UMPS MO, Beth) = Stanhope won!
Wed July 25 Stanhope vs MSM GAME 2 6:45 Byram = Stanhope won!

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