Playoffs 2019….


Long Valley Vs MSM @ Gramby Mon 08 JUL – MSM won 16-7

Beth/ MP Vs Christ Church @ CC Wed 10 JUL – Beth/MP won 11-3

Beth/MP to play Luna @ TBD (Arbolino?) Thurs 11 JUL UMPIRE: Long Valley



Best 2 out of 3. Umpire: Game 1 (Loser of Beth/MP Vs CC), Game 2 (Loser of Luna round 1 game), Game 3 (Commissioners)

Games at a Glance…..

Week of 17-JUN Games:

17 JUN MON      LV vs Luna @    Lenape

17 JUN MON      Times vs Habitat @Habitat

18 JUN TUES       Hope vs Stanhope @ Arbolino

18 JUN TUES      CC vs MO@ Long Valley Presbyterian

19 JUN WED   CC vs Market St@ Gramby

20 JUN THURS Market St vs Beth/MP @ MP

Week of 24-JUN Games

24 JUN MON       Luna vs Market St   @   Gramby

24 JUN MON       Stanhope vs MO  @  Long Valley Presbyterian

24 JUN MON      Times vs Hope @    Bethlehem

26 JUN WED       Christ vs Luna  @   Arbolino

27 JUN THURS    CC vs Beth/MP @   MP

28 JUN FRI           Habitat vs CC @   Christ Church

2019 SPRING Softball Season

ALERT: All interested teams for the 2019 NJCSL Spring Softball Season:

DUE BY 15 MAR 2019!!! Latest entry with notice 20-MAR!

Email Mark Anton at with the following registration info:
Church/ Organization Name
Captain/ Co-Captain Contact Info (Name, Cell, Email)
Field Name, Address, Days Available for Use
Copy of Insurance

League Fees: Competitive League $75, Fellowship $50

Mark will provide his address for checks to be mailed in.

Next League Meeting: Tues 26-March 7pm Bethlehem Church Randolph. All league fees will be due then. Other items: Corndog bat research, Fall insurance issue resolution, Charity Donation, Ball distribution

UPDATE!!!! “Loop Against Leukemia” 2018 Bike Ride

UPDATE: Over $3500 was raised in 2018 by Josh for this worthy cause that NJCSL was a proud sponsor of. Thank you all!

NJCSL is a proud 2018 sponsor for the “Loop Against Leukemia” charity bicycle ride this summer. This fundraiser where all proceeds will be donated to Leukemia research is a 3,002 mile bicycle loop which goes from New Jersey to New Orleans to Nashville then back up to New Jersey! Please visit the website of Mt. Olive Community Bible’s own Josh Johannessen to see how you and/or your organization can help out!